White outfits, sexy sunglasses, cool shorts, sunscreen bottles…all must not be away from me the whole summers……OOPS!!……..I forgot the very necessary…mosquito fighter.

Why the hell do mosquitoes find MY blood tasty!! and that buzzing noise….urrrrrgh!! Let’s find reasons for my face turning measly every hot season, for every year they come in armies and attack. Since people were common targets of mosquito bites are more vulnerable to malaria and several other diseases, the topic is of medical concern.


It may be surprising and interesting too, to know that male mosquito species do not even have the equipment to bite humans!! It’s indeed the female mosquito which fulfils its manic desire of sucking tasty human blood through its crawly jaws.

There ought to be special features both in mosquitoes and humans which is responsible for some people getting more bites than the others. Scientists have identified several proteins in mosquitoes’ antennae and heads that get attracted to chemical markers called odorants, emitted from our skin. These markers are produced by the natural processes of our bodies and commendably, these culprits can smell odorants quiet easily, and there they are, ready to gnaw and bite you.

Coming to the human body, CO2(basically human breath) attracts mosquitoes. Some humans are quite lucky to have body secretions(with certain smell) with insect repellent property, which helps to avoid mosquito attack. Don’t worry! you need not put on extra deodorants to combat with the secretions. Only mosquitoes have the power to detect these secretions.

Body temperature and pregnancy further aggravate the problem. A pregnant woman releases 21% more CO2 than a normal human, henceforth on an average, leaving the body 1.26 degrees Fahrenheit warmer. This is sufficient to attract those six-legged species.

Knowing ample about mosquito bites, it would be rather intelligent to go through the ‘FIGHT UPS‘ for mosquitoes.

  • A good mosquito repellent like DEET can help tackle the problem.
  • Put on long-sleeved sturdy shirts and long pants till it’s the rule of mosquitoes.
  • As a matter of prevention, try being indoors as far as possible.
  • DO NOT let water accumulate in front of your houses.
  • Repair leaky sites.
  •  DO keep changing the water regularly in coolers, swimming pools, ornamental ponds, pet bowls and bird baths.REMEMBER: Mosquitoes are a familiar annoying summer nuisance. They can be transmitters of encephalitis, malaria, and yellow fever to humans.

Scientists are trying hard to scratch out more reasons behind ‘the pesky bites’. Question of you being a mosquito magnet continues to itch away at scientists, and I suggest to rely on the mosquito repellant meanwhile.

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