The Ultimate Guide to General Physical Preparedness

What GPP is all about!

It is not that easy to have a body that would fulfil the requirement of any particular exercise. One needs to prepare his body to undergo vigorous workout conditions. Talking about GPP, one would wonder why to have a proper GPP exercise? General Physical Preparedness is the basic tool that would help an athlete fulfils his body requirement. As the name says, GPP aims at providing general conditioning to improve one’s strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, structure and skill. Also, GPP is used for rehabilitation of injured muscles and joints, strengthening or bringing up to par the lagging muscles and improvement of technique.

Just like any other normal exercise, Aerobics, MMA kickboxing, playing soccer or any other traditional or untraditional can be conditioning for your muscles.

Why to have General Physical Preparedness?

The concept of GPP in nothing new in this modern exercising techniques. The trend has been followed by almost all the athletes since the time of resistance training.

Like every other exercise, GPP is important as it provides conditioning to out muscles and other important balances that are to be maintained for a longer running endured body. GPP-type workouts are designed to improve your overall fitness, strength, stability, speed, mobility, and flexibility. The higher your fitness level, the better you would carry out tough regimes. Things improve along as we go on with a proper GPP regime. Body metabolism, fat percentage in body, strength shall tend to improve along.

So easy exercises to give your body a break won’t be a bad deal!

GPP Workout Lists

General Physical Preparedness can be a blobby workout. Having no definite shape, regime or rule makes it much more easier to follow. GPP workouts can be performed on days in between your gym workouts or at the end of your gym workouts.

Take on the field!

Setting yourself out on a field for some jumping jacks, push-ups, squats or walking lunges can be an easy delight for GPP. Set your timer to 20-seconds. Perform these exercises in sequence for 30 minutes alternating with slow jogs.

Warm Up GPP

GPP can be done as a general warm-up exercise. Push up,  overhead squats with a stick,  crossover lunges, lateral lunges can be easy fodder for GPP warm-up exercise.

After all, It’s Blobby!

Like I said before, GPP has no definite shape like any other conventional exercise. But people do have many myths regarding GPP. Some say it is only useful for athletes. I would say that GPP (General Physical Preparedness) can be an invaluable tool for competitive athletes of any level. However, to say that it is only useful for athletes is just flat out blasphemous.

How do you have your piece of GPP?

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