How to Shed those last 10 pounds: Tricks and Tweaks!

So you’ve done all the hard work, months of a fitness routine and countless sacrifices have brought you close enough to that coveted silhouette. You look at yourself and glee with appreciation and pride. Then at a closer look, you see that little bulge, the party spoiler that won’t budge. No matter how hard you try, those last 10 pounds seem to be the hardest.

To make this task simpler here’s a plan which will see you through:

#1 Keep a check on what you eat

This is the essence of your plan. Since you are already dieting, look for ways which will help improve your plan.

Be cautious about the following:

a)    Replace ‘ chatpata namkeen’ with healthy, low-calorie snacks, make sure you have these handy whenever you have a craving to munch.

b)    Another cool way will be to opt for steam cooked food instead of oil.

Try and change the dressing on your salad or the filling in your sandwich from mayonnaise, butter, cheese to mustard.

c)    Take short meals but at regular intervals.

d)    High-calorie drinks, like soft drinks, juices, alcohol, sweetened coffee, tea should be replaced by low-fat milk, water or sugar-free drinks.

#2 Count your calories:

Dietitian Jenna Anding PhD, RD, department of nutrition and food science at the Texas A&M System at College Station says “Eliminating 500 calories a day can help promote a one-pound-per-week weight loss. Increasing physical activity can also help promote weight loss.”

Here’s what you need to do:

a)    Aim to lose up to two pounds a week; a realistic goal is essential to your plan.

b)    Cutting down on calories alone won’t suffice, you have to burn more with exercise to reach your goal of burning 10 pounds in less than 10 weeks.

c)    Although, you should be cautious that you do not starve yourself. Do not eat less than 1200 calories a day, such an action will be counter-productive and will start storing calories.

#3 Your Diet Chart

a)    The trick here is to fill your tummy with low-calorie intake, you can do this by eating more of vegetables. If you eat food which has a lot of water in it, for example soups, fruits, vegetables, the chances are that you will lose weight at a quicker rate.

b)    Start your meal with a low-calorie soup, this reduces the overall calorie intake of your meal and has a cascading effect on your entire day’s eating plan.

c)    Before taking a meal, have a fruit. This is not exactly an appetizer but makes you feel full longer, thereby cutting down on your calories.

d)    Lean Protein: get a sufficient amount of it, during the day.

#4 Exercise

All the diet and right food will go in vain if not backed up by a proper exercise regime. You have to step up your exercise routine for those final 10 pounds. Jog, run, sprint, brisk walk*, whatever suits you the best but try and burn 100-200 calories a day.

*45 minutes of brisk walking will serve your purpose

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