Fitness Mantra to Be like Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar

Who is Sachin Tendulkar?

No one knew that the little kid, who debuted in international cricket on 15th November 1989, shall become a big name, not big but the biggest name in the history of cricket. The 5 ft 5 in little master blaster has made his name in this world of cricket and has been on and off the field from past 23 years. What else besides the zeal to score more has made this cricketer play so long, challenging the human capacity as well? What does he eat to keep himself so athletic and energetic like he was a kid who took a toll on the world’s fastest bowler when he debuted? Today we are going to discuss how does the master blaster keeps him going on the field.

Basic Diet Requirement of Sachin Tendulkar

The 39-year-old Sachin is 5ft 5 in tall and weighs about sixty Kg. An active man like Sachin ageing around 40 years needs to take at least 2800-3000 calories a day. Sachin’s diet includes 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 30% proteins. This provides him with enough calories to carry out his daily routine including his workout and practice sessions. The carbohydrates are an essential part of Sachin’s diet as they provide enough stamina to show athleticism on the field.

Sachin Tendulkar Diet Chart
Many might expect to have many ifs and buts with the diet schedule for the little master but he prefers to have a complete balanced diet that fulfils his body requirement.

Diet Chart

Many might expect to have many ifs and buts with the diet schedule for the little master but he prefers to have a complete balanced diet that fulfills his body requirement.

Breakfast   Large bowl of porridge + 200ml milk + water with a tsp of sugar and raisins if desired
250ml fresh fruit juice
After workout   25g whey protein power.
Snack   Sandwich with pieces of grilled fish or low fat soft cheese with
Lunch   3 chapattis + olive oil based spread with fish or pulses
100g mixed nuts & seeds
Mixed salad
1 bowl Low fat curd.
Cricket trainingAfter training Dinner             plenty of water with electrolyteProtein shakes.
100g mixed nuts & seeds
Same as lunch

Against the odds, he is a big foodie and likes to try his hands on new delicacies.

Likes and Dislikes
Food and Sachin go hand in hand. Sachin is a typical Mumbaikar and like all other Mumbaikars, he is fond of vada pao. His simplicity reflects in his food habits as well. Seafood, Thai cuisines and steaks are the delicacies he cannot resist. He is fond of Bengali sweet and cheesecakes. Lobster cooked in Bengali style is his all-time favourite. The king of fruits mango, Alphanso mango is what he regards as a fruit to look for.

Sachin, Cricket and Injuries

Like every other cricketer, injuries have been an issue with the master blaster from time to time. Toe injury, hamstring injury and ankle problems have taken a heavy toll on health and fitness of Master Blaster. But the tennis elbow injury was the biggest injury faced by him that even risked the future career of Sachin. Sachin had to stay away from four major tournaments and finally had to undergo surgery to treat the problem.

We can call his determination towards the game that he recovered from the injury soon. In 2003 Sachin Tendulkar was out due to an ankle injury. Later that year a finger injury kept him away from the game. Tendulkar had injured his right hamstring while playing the 2nd ODI match against South Africa at Wanderers and had to return back to India and miss the remaining part of the ODI series.

He then returned back in the World Cup, and against the South African team had scored his 99th century. The first match of the IPL 2012 season, Sachin tried to nudge a high rising delivery off Doug Bollinger, and the ball hit his finger and the injury has kept him out of the IPL since then. After all the wear and tears of tissues and muscles, Sachin still stands one of the most dangerous cricketers in the world. The task of recovery wouldn’t have been that easy without Sachin’s zeal to play for the tricolour.

Meditation and Yoga
Besides physical fitness, mental peace and relaxation are what Sachin prefers. He also does yoga, aerobics pranayama and gym every day. After a hectic day, he does breathing exercise as a stress buster and meditates for a few minutes. Meditation has a soothing and calming effect on him.

Friends and Family

Besides physical fitness and mental relaxation, family and friends have played a vital role in Sachin’s success story. It has always been a one-man show on the field but the prayers of millions of fans, his family and friends that have prayed every time he steps on the field. His family has played an unmatchable role whenever the time and patience tested him. In this cricket mania, where too much cricket is being played, Sachin has never let himself play beyond the limits of his physical ability. Proper rest from the game and spending some time with family has helped him to rejuvenate his old ways of playing.
Little things have mattered a lot in Sachin’s career that makes him the same Master Blaster as he was on the day of his debut. Expect some more centuries and thousands of runners from this run machine in the years to come.
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