5 successful college hacks to make you a successful student

The blockbuster film STUDENT OF THE YEAR must have left a great booming impression on your mind too, just as the rest billion mass of students say.

Our parents were, perhaps never wrong saying that college time counts as the golden period in one’s life, and if you somewhat disagree with the above line; here is something you must not skip.

Life was never so easy, piled up content to mug up, unsatisfactory relationships and a broken heart. All could not just go well without a fit and healthy body. To help you out:

5 Principles to Make You a Successful College Student are:-

  1. 1.    Determine Your Priorities

You must know what comes first to you. Prioritize everything and stick to it. Regular fluctuations in your priorities may leave you of nowhere. For me, my priorities go something like this: School, sleep, exercise, relationships, and hobbies.

They go in that order, and I try to stick to that order. If my relationships interfere with my sleep and school, then I really ask myself if it’s really worth it. Usually, I figure that it’s not. If people do not want to respect my priorities, then I can’t have them in my life.

If I’m dating someone, then I try to keep it to weekends with maybe a phone call or two during the week to see how they’re doing, which I would say is reasonable.

You need balance in life to feel good about yourself, else life would be miserable.

  1. 2.    Learn to Manage Your Time

After establishing your priorities, you must have fixed the time you need to devote to each. Time management comes into play only when a sudden new activity seeps in or if things get overloaded. All you need to be as well organized, scheduled and flexible. Take out little time from each job and you’ll definitely have time for the new work. All you need to be is loyal with your own set priorities. avoid time making the bed, instead, you can buy a folding mattress, same as don’t waste time going the gym, you can buy a couple of dumbells and handy exercise tools to do a workout at home only

  1. 3.    The Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relationship  

If you are in a relationship, you need to do a little extra effort. Explain your partner about your priorities, your goals. Develop a good understanding amongst yourself so that even if you don’t find time for each other that often, the relation is not hampered. And if at all, the above principle does not work, better not carry forward the relation anymore.

  1. 4.     Create Realistic Fitness Goals

For some reason, this is something that college students really struggle with. The reality of it is that getting the body you want takes a lot of time, effort, and discipline. Amazing bodies aren’t created overnight. If they were, then everyone would have the body they want.

Be realistic with what you can accomplish in a semester or over the course of a year. Set realistic goals and also set extreme goals that you hope to achieve that go beyond the scope of what’s realistic.

For instance, one of my extreme goals was to gain 40 lbs in a year of relatively lean mass. The realistic goal was to add 20 lbs onto my frame. Having these goals in mind helped me really focus on eating right, training hard, and getting my sleep.

Consequently, I busted my butt and managed to gain 30 lbs of fairly lean mass over the course of a year. I landed in the middle of my realistic and extreme goals, but I was satisfied with it.

Having those goals in mind got me in the right mindset to succeed. I was always thinking about gaining mass, which caused me to be extremely disciplined with my sleep, my eating, and my exercise. Set some goals and keep reinforcing those goals in your mind. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you mind is honed in on accomplishing specific objectives.

 5.  Get In, Get Out, and Get On With Life

This is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t spend 2 hrs in the gym every day. Get in, accomplish what you need to, and get out. Your time at college is extremely valuable, and the last thing you want to do is waste it lounging around in a gym.

Your workouts should not go any longer than an hour or so. I don’t care if you’re a girl trying to lose weight or a guy trying to build muscle. Get in, bust your butt, and get out.

There’s actually some science to back this up as well. Basically with intense exercise, your body will run out of glycogen (energy) within 40-60 min. Sometimes, you might be able to last for 90 min, but that’s about the maximum. By then, you’re usually just running off of fumes and your workouts are not very productive at that point.

Get in, get out, and get on with life. Sounds like a great T-shirt slogan. It’s a great principle to live by.

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