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We are just getting started and extremely passionate about what we are set to do. Healthee is not about being a great website. Healthee is about a lifestyle. We pride ourselves of our mission – The Healthee Mission: “Making healthier choices easy and affordable for everyone.”

We are a bunch of extremely talented people trying to make a difference in the space of health and fitness. We pride ourselves with our positive and motivated attitude with a we-can-do-anything-good, nothing-can-stop-us-now, we-can-win spirit. We are looking for amazing people who believe in what we’re doing (disrupting the health and fitness space). We look for the ones with the killer attitude to learn anything and execute stuff with love, passion and m-a-rockstar style.

We care about our team, our company culture and its core values. We believe that we can make it to the next level if we build a team who looks to share our vision and then transform it to take it to the next level.

We are a startup, hence, we are looking for more generalists than specifists. The people with the I-can-do-everything attitude. More importantly, we like to put only those people onboard who are more likely to go a long distance with us. So for starters, we don’t read resumes or skip them in the process.

We hire for: Attitude first, Experience second, Talent third.

At healthee, you will learn – how to build a successful product – healthee is an idea we iterate with every day to make it market fit. Time is our most valuable asset right now and we can’t afford to waste it. We have no concept of work life balance here because doing great work is our lifestyle and we do it the healthee way. We work even on holidays. Otherwise, we can’t go ahead with the competition.

We’re a small, focused, creative, and talented group of people, but we know we need help to make a real difference in the world. Maybe yours! Currently we are working from a small apartment in Swasthya Vihar near Vikas Marg, New Delhi. Almost all positions are based in New Delhi.

So really want someone amazing who believes in what we’re set to do & the difference we aim to bring to the lives of other people. If that someone sounds like you then check out the open positions below. Most positions are full-time based in New Delhi with a one-month (paid) trial period.

We are trying to change the health and fitness world. Come & Join Us.

We’re looking for rock stars who:

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Interns for the above posts are also invited.