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    comprehensive check-ups that screens each organ closely to detect even the smallest symptom that could be an indication of a major disease. In addition, the check also identifies the reason for minor ailments, which are constant irritants.


    For Him

    Our most comprehensive offering for the 'man' kind of all shapes & sizes

    For Him​

    There must always be a middle of the road solution for everyone. This is yours.

    For Him

    Hey you got to start somewhere; this is the least you could do for yourself!

    For Her​

    Diamonds are the girl's best friend & so here's a sparkling plan for her

    For Her​

    Wish we had a carat rating for this health plan for the everyday woman

    For Her

    It's not like you're settling here! It's a pretty good value for money plan.

    For Him/Her

    Vitamin D & Vitamin B12